Getting Your Car Washed The Right Way

Are you disappointed with the cleanliness and condition of your car? Learn about the advantages of having your car professionally washed and detailed.

Have Your Company Van Washed And Detailed Prior To Transporting Your Employees

3 September 2018
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If your company van has been parked underneath a carport for the last few months, plans that entail needing to use the vehicle to transport some of your employees to and from various job sites may prompt you to consider the cleanliness of the vehicle. Prepare for the upcoming shift in your business plans by having your van washed and detailed at a full-service vehicle center.  Take A Look Inside And Categorize Materials Read More …

The Benefits Of Full Interior Auto Detailing

24 June 2018
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If you have occasionally thought about making an appointment for full interior auto detailing, but you haven't yet done it because you're not sure if it is truly beneficial, you will want to keep reading. Learning some of the benefits that come from having this type of work done to your vehicle will help you see that this is something that you will want to have done at least a couple times a year. Read More …

Post Winter Car Cleaning Tips

24 January 2017
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Winter can be hard on both the exterior and the interior of your car. Road salt and grit are hard on the exterior, while these along with all the moisture tracked in are hard on carpeting and upholstery. Prompt cleaning as soon as the thaw occurs can help prevent major damage. The following are the key things you need to do. Rinse the exterior Don't go right for the sponge or brush when it comes to the exterior of your car, this will simply scratch your paint since there is a winter's worth of dirt and grit on the surface. Read More …

Here’s How Auto Detailing Helps Your Car

27 December 2016
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If it's been a while since you had your car thoroughly cleaned and detailed—or if your car has never been detailed at all—it's time to bring it in. Detailing your car is about more than just making it look clean or nice. The process has additional effects that help extend the life of your car and that can help you if you are trying to sell the car. Even if your car is old and not in the best shape to begin with, detailing can give it some new life. Read More …

3 Tips To Get Your Car’s Interior Cleaner Than Ever

19 May 2016
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Americans spend a significant amount of time in their cars. Whether you are commuting to work or taking kids to sporting events, your vehicle takes a lot of abuse. The best way to keep your car's interior fresh is to detail it regularly. Here are three tips you can use to ensure your car's interior get cleaner than ever the next time you detail your vehicle at home. 1. Use a paint sponge to clean vents. Read More …

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Getting Your Car Washed The Right Way

After spending hours trying to get my older car cleaned up and polished, I realized that I really needed to do something to take my cleaning game to the next level. Instead of guessing, I decided to take my car in to a professional detailing place to see if they could help. They went through, completely detailed the car, and fixed the entire thing. When they were finished, my car gleamed beautifully. This blog is all about the importance of getting your car professionally cleaned the first time around. You never know, it could make your car look like new.