Have Your Company Van Washed And Detailed Prior To Transporting Your Employees

Are you disappointed with the cleanliness and condition of your car? Learn about the advantages of having your car professionally washed and detailed.

Have Your Company Van Washed And Detailed Prior To Transporting Your Employees

3 September 2018
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If your company van has been parked underneath a carport for the last few months, plans that entail needing to use the vehicle to transport some of your employees to and from various job sites may prompt you to consider the cleanliness of the vehicle. Prepare for the upcoming shift in your business plans by having your van washed and detailed at a full-service vehicle center. 

Take A Look Inside And Categorize Materials

Since you haven't driven the vehicle in some time, there may be items stored inside the passenger and cargo area that will take up much-needed space that can be utilized during working hours.

Items of value, such as business documents or client reports may have accidentally been left inside of the van, so take the time to look through the passenger and cargo areas and remove all of the loose items. Categorize the materials before replacing items that may be needed while on the road. The other materials should be stored in your business or home.

Learn About And Customize The Services

If this is the first time that you will be taking your vehicle to a full-service vehicle center, familiarize yourself with the services that are performed and customize your appointment by selecting the washing and detailing steps that you desire. A full-service wash often includes spraying soapy water onto a vehicle's exterior and removing stains from the vehicle's windows, metal trim, and body.

A buffing compound or waxing agent can be applied to the exterior components so that your van has a glossy surface. Detailing often involves shampooing the carpeting and upholstery in the passenger and cargo areas. Floor mats and interior fabric will be vacuumed as well. Additional detailing steps include cleaning a dashboard and interior wall panels, adding a deodorizing product to the interior, and securing pinstriping to a vehicle's exterior.

Maintain The Cleanliness

Now that your van is clean and contains a tidy interior, you can maintain the cleanliness by setting a couple of ground rules. Tell your employees that they are prohibited from drinking or eating inside of the vehicle and request that any personal belongings are removed from the confines of the vehicle at the end of each work shift.

Park the van inside of a garage to prevent road dust or dirt from coming into contact with the vehicle's exterior. Make appointments to take your van back to the full-service vehicle center on a rotating basis so that it can be cleaned and detailed. For more information, contact your local car wash services.

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